The first 24-48 hours are crucial to the bonding procedure, so:

* No water should come into contact with your eyelashes for 24 hours.

* For 48 hours after treatment do not steam your face, use a steam bath, swim or wash your face with hot water.

* Only use water based mascara on the tips of your lashes. However, you don’t need it and it can shorten the life of the lash extensions.  

* If you wear mascara on your bottom lashes make sure it is water based.

* If you wear eyeliner, the best ones to use are the felt tip pens or gel, avoid pencil eyeliners as they tend to be a bit oily and can clog between the lashes.

* Do not use an eyelash curler or perm the lashes. It will break the eye lashes and/or crease them.  However you can use the heated eyelash curlers which are particularly good for the real mink eyelash extensions and are available at the clinic.

* Do not rub lashes when washing your face – always pat dry after cleansing.

* Do not pull on your eyelashes. The bond on the extensions is so strong that it will pull your own eyelash out along with the new ones.

* If you wear eye make-up, a powder based eye shadow is best.

* To remove make-up use an oil free make-up remover avoiding touching the eyelashes.

* Remember emollients, creams, and oils are the eyelash bonding agent’s worst enemy. Use eye creams sparingly and avoid lid/lash area.

* We naturally lose a couple of lashes a day which we seldom notice, however, you will notice with the extensions and if you see your lash attached to the extensions please don’t panic, as that’s exactly whats supposed to happen!


You should avoid direct contact with water for the first 24 hours around the eye area. After that time they will be fine in water as the bonding agent is waterproof. If possible avoid direct contact with the jets of the shower on the extensions and wear goggles when swimming.



Yes. You can continue to wear make-up when you wear semi permanent lash extensions but it is important to use an oil-free make-up remover, as oil will damage the bonding agent. You will find you no longer need to use mascara, but you can use it on the tips of the lashes if you desire, but waterproof mascara is not recommended. 



It is normal to lose a few individual false eyelashes in the first 24 hours whilst the adhesive is setting, and care should be taken during this period. Your own lashes shed naturally and new ones continue to grow in a replenishing cycle. We naturally shed 2 – 4 lashes from each eye in a day so the lash extensions will last as long as the cycle of your natural lash. Touch ups are recommended every 3 – 4 weeks depending on your individual needs (you must still have over 30% of your eyelashes remaining for it to be counted as a touch up). Your after care will affect how long your extensions last.

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Anywhere between 50 – 150 individual eyelashes are applied to each eye, the final amount will be dependent upon the size and shape of your eyes and type of look you want to achieve (natural or glamour). Here at mybrowlady we focus on designing and shaping the entire lash line using different lash sizes to create an individually customised look.



At my brow lady we will conduct a consultation before we start to establish what look you are after. We will then recommend the best length and curl of semi permanent lashes to suit your needs and will also take in to consideration the condition of your own lashes, but ultimately the choice is yours. The initial application of the semi permanent lashes  will take approximately 1 - 2 hours . Once we start the application all you need to do is relax, fall into a deep sleep and keep your eyes closed. It’s totally painless. And when you awake you will have thick, lustrous lashes.