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Brow & Face Threading


Threading is an ancient technique of facial hair removal.Using a thread that is twisted into a loop, hair is gently removed from the follicle, using an expert technique. Threading is 100% organic and is a natural alternative for those who have extremely sensitive skin and are on skin thinning medication or using anti aging high strength creams and unable to have waxing.

A Brow threading makeover is perfect for reshaping or just a subtle brow tune. It goes without saying whether it be wax or threading each Brow service includes a brow mapping lesson with a customized brow tint to create density and depth to frame your eyes. Our Brow threading makeover takes 30 minutes,  it's a great service for those looking for a quick on the go brow shaping experience.. Great for other small areas of the face too.


brow & face waxing


Waxing originated in eqypt in 1150bc and it is the process of hair removal, we use a strip wax to effectively remove hair from the root. At Mybrowlady we use specifically formulated wax to prevent skin irritation.

A brow waxing makeover is a fully customised experience that is tailored to  your needs. At Mybrowlady we provide a brow lesson through our brow mapping technique which allows you to see where your brows are at and what we can do for you to create that perfect brow to frame your face. We also offer a complimentary customised tint with our brow makeover as we believe it to enhance, shape and define your brow

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