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Pre & post lash lift care



Preparing for your Eyelash appointment:

  • DO shower prior to your appointment 

  • DO wear comfortable and warm clothing. 

  • DO arrive 5 mins earlier to allow time to complete consultation form.

  • DO arrive with a clean makeup free face as this will create a secure bond for extensions and allow the solution for a lash lift to penetrate effectively. 

  • DO NOT curl your lashes. Natural state is best. 

  • If you require a lash tint we recommend having it done 24-48hrs prior to your extension appointment.

  • DO remove your contacts to be comfortable so you can rest with ease. 

  • DO turn off your mobile phone to avoid any interruptions to your treatment.

  • DO NOT wear eye makeup to your appointment as removing makeup will eat into your appointment time.

  • DO avoid having caffeinated beverages.

Lash Lift Aftercare

  • The first 24-48hrs are crucial to the lash lifting procedure. No water should come into contact with your eyelashes for 24hrs.

  • Be gentle with your lashes, avoid rubbing your eyes. 

  • We require you to avoid makeup for 24-48 hours to allow the lash lift to settle

  • Avoid facial treatments for 48 hours. We recommend you have facial treatments prior to your lash lift.

  • Avoid sleeping flat into your pillow 

  • Do not use any harsh products near your lashes 

  • Avoid waterproof mascara and only use water-based mascara to have long lasting results

  • The lash lift will last about 4-8 weeks depending on aftercare and the condition of your natural lashes. Oily skin will break down the lift solution faster.

  • If you love a lash lift and are eager to get another one done we recommend you hold off for about 7 weeks as this will give your lashes enough time to settle back into their natural state to avoid damaging your natural lashes from lash lift solution.

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